Epson Stylus C90 Printer for Windows XP

Deskripsi Produk
High-speed printing and affordable Durabrite Ultra INKdividual inks, at amazing quality and convenience.

Affordable INKdividual Cartridges

* Cost-efficient INKdividual cartridges

* Reduce ink wastage and maximise savings

* Replace only the ink cartridge that runs out

* Eliminates wastage of throwing away an integrated cartridge with remaining ink in other color

Greater Efficiency with Cartridge Flexibility

* Choose from two different capacities of ink sets based on usage patterns

* Achieve cost and printing efficiency with cartridge flexibility


2 responses to this post.

  1. There are many benefits to refilling cartridges. Environmentally friendly, cost savings, reliable quality, and refilling gives customers a choice over OEM brand cartridges that are so overpriced. Just find a company that is reliable and can offer you the best value and has good quality. This concept is proven, it works and is 100% guaranteed.

    I own Ink & Toner Solutions in Massachusetts, we are an independent company that also operates a retail and website aftermarket cartridge company. Check us out if you are in Northampton or Amherst MA or online. Thanks to everyone who thinks green and refills their cartridges!



  2. […] Epson Stylus C90 Printer for Windows XP […]


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